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We believe in the power of theatre to create a better world.

Equalogy utilizes live, interactive theatre to educate audiences.

Equalogy offers two distinct one-hour plays, one on acquaintance rape and one on dating violence.  These original plays feature four professional actors. They are presented in a lively format that draws the audience into the story, clarifies complex issues and creates a memorable impact.

Equalogy has toured to colleges and universities in 15 states. Because the program is entertaining and inclusive to all, it has been tremendously popular.

The plays were developed by individuals with direct experience in the domestic violence and sexual assault fields and are written, directed and performed by professional actors. Theatre provides an opportunity for students to explore the issues and their feelings as they watch the story unfold.

Image of "equalogy" definition. Phonetic spelling followed by origin and definition: (aequalis, equal + Gr. –logia or theory) 1. the science of equality. 2. the study of parity within human relationships.


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