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CC BY-ND 3.0 http://satisfyingretirement.blogspot.com

CC BY-ND 3.0 http://satisfyingretirement.blogspot.com


It’s easy to bring Equalogy to your campus. We don’t need much. While we work with Student Activities on some campuses, shop we also work with Counseling, cialis Health Education and Residence Life.


A theatre is preferable, cialis sale but we can perform in any space where either the audience is on an incline or the actors are raised. The actors stand and sit during the performance, and we want the audience a few rows back to see. A lecture hall or multipurpose room with a makeshift stage works fine. We are flexible and can work with you based on your resources.

Audience Size

The maximum size is approximately 300, and we charge a fraction of the initial cost to add a second performance.


Our technical needs are nonexistent.

  • No microphones (our actors are trained to project their voices and can be heard in any space with reasonable acoustics)
  • No sound equipment
  • No lighting


Our main requirement is that a counselor be present and available to students during the performance and afterward. We will introduce them to the audience as a resource to them. We also want them present should their be victims or survivors in the room who need to talk with.

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