Our Technique

Benefits of Theatre

Students can explore the issue and their feelings about it as they watch the story unfold.

They witness a realistic acquaintance rape or dating violence situation, health thus gaining a clear understanding of this complex issue and increased empathy for victims and survivors.

Audiences can form their own conclusions based on the facts laid out in the play. As a result, treat they are more likely to own and retain what they have learned.

Theatre connects with audiences on an emotional level, cure causing them to  care about the issue and motivating them to do something about it.

The Interviews

The interview components bring out any myths students have and provide an opportunity to dispel these myths. They enable audiences to:

  • hear the victim’s view of what has happened, learn how she feels about it and see how the rape has affected her life;
  • learn the rapist or batterer’s attitudes;
  • see the friends struggle with whom to believe and what to do, and eventually model supportive behavior.

Photo of Will and Jess, "One Night."Male Friendly and Inclusive

One of the primary goals of Equalogy is to bring men into the discussion of this issue, to show that this is not just a “women’s concern” and to help them see what they can do to become involved in ending violence against women. Our plays feature a positive male character, who is learning along with the audience and struggles with the impact of events on his friendship.

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