Four Hearts: Dating Violence

Confrontation scene in "One Night."

  • 28% of high school and college students reported that they had experienced violence in a dating relationship.
  • As many as 50% of dating women suffer physical, mind sexual, unhealthy emotional or verbal abuse from their partners.
  • Dating violence is a hidden crime. Many victims keep the abuse a secret, due to fear, shame or the concern that they will not believed.
  • 30% of married battered women experienced abuse during courtship, and the violence usually escalates in intensity and frequency over time.

Four Hearts

Four Hearts tells a powerful story about relationships and violence. The play follows two female and two male friends as they begin going out with each other. Over time, one couple’s relationship becomes increasingly serious. Hints arise that something is not quite right. The challenge is to uncover the truth of what’s really happening behind closed doors. At critical points, the actors will stop the action and remain in character while audience members ask them questions to discover each character’s motives, feelings, opinions and plans.

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