The Basics


How to Book

If you are interested in booking, treat call or email us to let us know what you are looking for. For instance, do you need something for orientation or first year programming, do you want to reach a specific audience, such as athletes or Greeks, are you looking to tie this in with a theme week or month, or are you flexible as to when the performance occurs? This can help us find the best date for you.

You can look at our Tour Calendar or Tour Dates List to see which dates are already booked. Or, you can search by Location, to see if we will be in our general region.

It’s always best to contact us as early as you can, since dates fill up quickly during times of high damand. However, if you are planning at the last minute, please check with us. We could very well have the date you need.

Provide Information

The more we know, the better we can assist you. Tell us what you can about your campus, students and what you have in mind.

  • What size audience to you expect?
  • If there a specific audience you are targeting or a specific purpose for the performance, let us know.
  • What is your campus climate?
  • What are your students (or your target audience) like?
  • What issues have you dealt with recently?

Ask Questions

We have been doing this work for a long time. Chances are, we have answered your question before.

We want you to get the most our of our performance and will work with you to make that happen. We can also pass onto you some great ideas that have worked for other colleges.

When You Book

There are two steps you need to take prior to booking or immediately after:

  1. Review your budget and/or check with the powers that be to make sure you can pay for a performance. (We do not charge an exorbitant amount, but it is important to know you can make your commitments.
  2. Secure a space for the performance. If your campus is like most, space is at a minimum, and it is necessary to reserve. Please do this immediately after booking (if you haven’t already done so).

Read about our easy logistics here.

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