Confrontation scene in "One Night."

Equalogy uses liveinteractive theatre to:

  • educate audiences,
  • demonstrate the dynamics and raise awareness of violence against women,
  • model a positive relationships, and
  • show how to help a friend.

Our programs are highly effective because we use a medium that is entertaining, thought-provoking and emotionally powerful. Most importantly, we allow the audience to take an active role in the learning process.

These are full plays, where the actors stay in character throughout, creating for audiences an immersive and authentic experience. At a couple of points, we stop the action, and the audience can ask the characters questions. Your students will be engaged from beginning to end.

The program includes handouts that are accessible digitally.

Original Scripts

Equalogy’s plays are one of a kind! Written by a professional playwright, they are much more than a demonstration of concepts–they are a full experience. Our characters are fully drawn, and they grow and change as the plot progresses. They are not perfect, just regular people. Students often tell us they know someone just like one of our characters.

Our characters encounter situations that are common among college students, derived from our experiences working with college rape and dating violence victims and tempered by what we learn in our conversations with college students and staff. We update our plays regularly to ensure that the humor and language are accurate for the current college culture.

Professional Artists

We utilize professional actors to connect with audiences and bring our characters to life. Equally as important, they are recently out of college or look college age. They are trained to deliver comic lines that are funny and perform dramatic sections that are emotionally compelling. Oftentimes, during the interview portions of our plays students become so involved in the experience they forget they are dealing with fictional people.

Read more about our actors.


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