Our Actors

Image of Equalogy actors

The quality and effectiveness of our programs rely on strong scripts and talented actors to bring our characters to life.

We cast actors who are:

  • Professional:  formally trained in stage acting, have performance experience and have careers as actors. They have the skills to:
    • portray well-developed, believable characters
    • connect with audiences
    • perform in a variety of spaces
    • project their voices without amplification
  • College age or appearance:  recently out of college (or if older, can pass for college age)
  • Easy for colleges to work with:  Our actors are known for being flexible and friendly.

The actors performing in our plays often change from year to year or tour to tour, although many return for the next tour. Most maintain a connection to Equalogy and the issues. Our East and West coast staff members, Matt Alford and Daren Taylor, began as actors, ultimately touring multiple times and directing later casts.



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