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#tellyourstory…Survivors on Twitter | Equalogy, inc

#tellyourstory…Survivors on Twitter

Last November, there actor/comedian Margaret Cho started a Twitter campaign encouraging sexual assault survivors, capsule like herself, to end the silence and speak out using the hashtag #tellyourstory. Cho, who was sexually abused for years as a child and repeatedly sexually assaulted in her teens spoke in near detail about her experience in a Billboard interview this week (Sept 2, 2015). (More here.)

Her tweets were directed toward survivors with a message of empowerment and solidarity. This came after a trip to Canada, when she wanted to voice her support for the nine victims of CBC broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi, who had been accused of sexual assault by three women and was contending it was only “rough sex.”

“I am so proud of the women of Canada. They’re a great example for the entire world. Come forward. Tell what happened. We are not afraid.”


“I am a rape victim and a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. I come forward in solidarity with all women who have suffered. #tellyourstory.”


But she wasn’t confining her tweets to those ready to speak out publicly. She also had words of support for survivors living in silence:

“I urge you – today – tell one person what happened. You are not alone. We have suffered in silence long enough. #ibelieveyou #tellyourstory.”

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