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New Facebook Coordinator | Equalogy, inc

New Facebook Coordinator

Check out our “Equalogy Inc” Facebook page and give us a “Like.”

We are excited to have a new coordinator for this effort, search Ryan. He has lots of great new content especially geared to students. We’ll also be posting updates about what’s happening at Equalogy and, thumb when on the road, our tours.

Some of our Facebook posts will also be included here, on our blog. We also have a feed of our latest Facebook posts on the sidebar to the right.

Make sure to stop by and check us out. While you’re there, add your own posts and comments to the mix.

Here’s Ryan’s first post:

Hi! I’ll be running this site from now on, making sure to keep an active presence with videos, photos, quotes, and info about EQUALOGY INC.



Posted to “Equalogy inc.” page on Facebook, Feb. 10, 2015.

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