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What’s In a Name? | Equalogy, inc

What’s In a Name?

Almost 18 years ago,  when we were first forming Equalogy, a group of us met to work on our articles of incorporation and associated documents. Our first priorities were to devise a name for our new organization and write a mission statement. After a good amount of brainstorming, we were stumped on the first and decided to move onto our second task.

We knew our mission would center on using theatrical techniques to raise awareness of violence against women and issues of equality. As we hammered out the wording, one of our founders, Melissa, kept mispronouncing “equality,” instead saying “equalogy.” Everyone laughed because Melissa had devoted 25 years to domestic violence and sexual assault work. She was no stranger to the concept of equality. As our meeting progressed, Melissa kept mispronouncing the word and correcting herself, each time eliciting more laughter.

Then, as if a light bulb blinked on, someone said, “Wait. That’s it! We should call ourselves Equalogy, meaning the science or study of equality.”

Over the years, we have refined our technique, in terms of presentation and changing cultural mores.

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